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Carlos Santana Reunites with Homeless Ex Bandmate in Oakland

Musician Carlos Santana’s ex-drummer ‘Marcus the magnificent’ had been living on the streets as a homeless man before local TV station discovered him.

Musician Carlos Santana was reunited with a friend and former band mate Marcus Malone after 40 years, thanks to a journalist from TV station KRON4. ‘Marcus the magnificent’ used to be a drummer in Santana’s band in the 1960s.

They lost touch before the Woodstock festival in 1969 after Malone was arrested for manslaughter. Ever since he was released from prison, Malone had been living as a homeless man on the streets of Oakland, praying for a miracle and a chance meeting with Santana. Malone’s story is one of hope and faith. He said to Santana, “You don’t know how hard I prayed to get to see you.”

Watch Santana and Malone get reunited after four decades below:

Upon meeting, Santana addressed Malone as “Marcus the Magnificent”. Malone said of the meeting, “It was one of the most thrilling, exciting moments I ever had in my life — to see Carlos’ face again and be able to touch him, reach out and hold him.” Of his troubled past, he said, “It was trials and tribulations, man.”

Malone said he still writes music and that he’ll never stop. “It’s in my heart, in my soul and that’s what I strive to do,” Malone added. Despite the odds, Malone tried to keep in touch with his musical roots, “I’m in the same business as God. Creativity — he created heaven and Earth, and I try to create music.”

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