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‘Happy Birthday to You’ belongs to all of us

That won’t affect the people who sing it at private birthday parties; Warner/Chappell hadn’t tried to collect royalties from them. But it will be a boon to filmmakers, TV studios and others who have paid an estimated $2 million annually in licensing fees to use the song commercially, even if …

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Should morality be treated as an experimental science?

Society is full of moralisers: people who love to tell other people where they’re going wrong. Priests, pundits and even philosophers get in on the act, typically invoking some theoretical doctrine or “good book” as a point of reference. If only books could bring about world peace. Ah, but the …

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Job duties fail to tell who you are, what you can do for your employer

Have you ever read a resume that just listed job duties? This was a question discussed the other day by a hiring manager when talking about candidates whom he recently interviewed. He had been reviewing resumes for several weeks and was comparing how some candidates go to the extreme in …

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Do women experience negative emotions differently than men?

“Not everyone’s equal when it comes to mental illness,” said Adrianna Mendrek, a researcher at the Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal and lead author of the study. “Greater emotional reactivity in women may explain many things, such as their being twice as likely to suffer from depression and …

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9 Fun, Cheap Weekend Trips You’ve Gotta Take This Fall

Since this summer resort town (about 40 minutes from Spokane International Airport) quiets down in the fall, you two can enjoy the postcard-perfect sparkling lake, mountains, and lush green forest without the annoying crowds. Pack some layers, since fall temps can get as low as 35 degrees at night, but …

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